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Cars under warranty
Even the most modern cars can break. Although car makers employ more and more high technology along with advanced materials in car production, the process still is not perfect. We create the possibility to purchase a used car under warranty.
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Repurchase and exchange
Auto Ratusz Sp. z o.o. creates a possibility for you to trade-in your car while you are currently financing the newly acquired one.
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Credit / leasing
Auto Ratusz Sp. z o. o. offers you not only selling, exchange and the purchase of a car chosen from a wide selection of brands and models. Our customers are also welcome to go through all the formalities associated with car financing operations.
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Broker services
We are aware of the high prices of the cars. In order to meet market's needs, we introduce the offer that allows you to purchase the new car straight from the production line in up to 30% lower price than the price for the same car offered by a car dealer.
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