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Auto Ratusz Sp. z o. o. was established in 2002. Our company consists of the team of experts in the field of automotive industry. High level of expertise, many years of experience and most of all passion is what we offer our customers.

Our drive to achieve the very best results for our clients resulted in three branches located in Warsaw. Each of them offers over 250 cars.

We invite you to consign your car in one of our consignment stores. Find a branch most convenient to you by choosing from the following: Modlińska 203

The way to increase the probability of selling your car is built upon our assets:

  • you can be sure that your vehicle gets seen – even if our customers come to see the particular vehicle, we create the possibility for them to compare it with yours,
  • you take advantage of professional sale service provided by our dealers,
  • we list your car for sale on numerous car websites,
  • your car is listed for sale in two consignment stores simultaneously, drawing upon efficiently organized communication between them,
  • our potential client gets credit or leasing opportunity through the streamlined process,
  • we present your vehicle in the best possible way – we have your car cleaned and inspected,
  • we have the range of regular buyers from The Commonwealth of Independent States,
  • we work 7 days a week.

All these factors result in a quicker sale for you.

Our consignment program is free for you since we set the purchase price together and we decide upon the amount of commission included in the final sale price. Therefore, you realize the price and both your and our interests are secured under civil law agreement prepared by the one of the best law offices in Poland.

The average monthly resale in the previous year came out at 80 vehicles per month. This is the proof of our effectiveness and reliability, confirmed by our customers who use our services repeatedly and frequently send their families and friends here in order for us to take care of their needs.


ul. Modlińska 203, 03-122 Warszawa
+48 530-801-800
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+48 731-801-800

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Cars under warranty
Even the most modern cars can break. Although car makers employ more and more high technology along with advanced materials in car production, the process still is not perfect. We create the possibility to purchase a used car under warranty.
Repurchase and exchange
Auto Ratusz Sp. z o.o. creates a possibility for you to trade-in your car while you are currently financing the newly acquired one.
Credit / leasing
Auto Ratusz Sp. z o. o. offers you not only selling, exchange and the purchase of a car chosen from a wide selection of brands and models. Our customers are also welcome to go through all the formalities associated with car financing operations.
Broker services
We are aware of the high prices of the cars. In order to meet market's needs, we introduce the offer that allows you to purchase the new car straight from the production line in up to 30% lower price than the price for the same car offered by a car dealer.

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