Broker services

We are aware of the high prices of the cars. In order to meet market’s needs,
we introduce an offer that allows you to purchase the new car straight from the production line in up to 30% lower price than the price for the same car with the same set-up, offered by a car dealer. Depending on the car model and the set-up, the difference in price ranges from the tens to approx. 100 000 PLN!

The exclusion of administration and distribution expenses, which stand for inevitable expenses for any traditional dealer, lets us offer you the most advantageous price in compliance with all the trade standards. Another asset of our company is that the models of vehicles can often be better equipped and therefore suited to your needs, than the ones from home market. On the request of our customer, we are able to provide the offer of one-year-old vehicles from so called dealer demo vehicles, providing the equipment that fits your needs.
The brands of the cars that you can find in our offer are as follows: AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, MERCEDES, BMW and PORSCHE.
By using our services, you can be assured that you get the same as at dealers:

  • the opportunity of individualized equipment installation,
  • same waiting time,
  • euro guarantee – producer’s full European Guarantee,
  • all documents required for the vehicle registration within the territory of Poland.

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