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Used cars warranty

Although car makers employ more and more high technology along with advanced materials in car production, the process still is not perfect. Even the most modern cars can break. What we see is higher prices of spare parts. Therefore repair costs go up, affecting the owners of the vehicles. It is not easy to verify technical condition when buying a used car, hence the uncertainty and risk connected with its smooth and trouble-free operation. Whereas the lightning failure results in relatively low costs, the engine failure can involve substantial costs.

In order to protect drivers against any situation when mechanical failure can’t be fixed under factory warranty because of the age of vehicle, we create the possibility to purchase a used car under warranty.

Now, in the case of vehicle’s break down, all the repair costs are covered, including the costs of both spare parts and labor. Our guarantee provides you with the comfort and security, just like if you get a car under factory warranty.

Additionally, every owner of the vehicle under warranty is entitled to receive roadside assistance for emergency situations on the road. It includes free repair at the scene of event as well as towing services if need be. We will tow your car to the competent repair shop. All this is provided by global leader in assistance services – Mondial Assistance.

Our customers have two warranty options from which to choose: the limited one, including key sub-assemblies, and the second, PREMIUM option - full warranty on all the parts of the vehicle, excluding wearing parts that typically need replacement.

As part of the warranty arrangement, you have a choice of a warranty option that covers all the mechanical and electrical parts along with vehicle assemblies included in the original factory equipment up to 12 -24 months and up to 36 months in some cases.

No matter what your mileage is. The guarantee will be drawn on throughout the warranty period.

Guarantee makes it possible to remove a technical problem cost free.

Both two warranty options have no mileage limit.

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