Vehicle repurchase & exchange

AUTO RATUSZ SP. Z O.O. creates a possibility for you to trade-in your car while you are currently financing the newly acquired one.

Our team consists of specialists with over 10 years of expertise in equity insight in assessing the value of used cars. That’s why the price we quote reflects the real value of your car. We accept almost every car in trade, regardless of the age of vehicle. If you own a car that you consider too old for trade-in, contact us anyway – we will see what we can do!

AUTO RATUSZ SP. Z O.O. also creates a possibility to sell your car for cash.

Is there any way to sell a car without hindrance? Are there companies that repurchase used cars? Do I have to spend money on Internet and newspaper advertising in order to acquire a buyer for my car?

We are experts in the field of used cars repurchase, considering every brand, model and year of the car. In the exchange for your car, we get your money to you in the fastest possible fashion: in cash or money transfer to the bank account indicated by you.

Vehicle repurchase includes busses, motor cars, off-roads and vans. It is an attractive offer addressed to the owners of the vehicles who find it difficult to find a potential client and who need a quick cash injection. Urgent trip abroad, purchase of a new car or the need of cash inflow are the most frequent reasons for the decision of quick sale of the vehicle.

What we take into consideration while assessing your car is: technical condition, the year of production, external appearance and mileage.

All the formalities associated with car selling are made on the spot.

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